Rental Terms


All insurance coverage and waivers remain in effect as long as the renter has adhered to all terms and conditions. The renter is responsible for covering the full repair expenses for any damages incurred to the rental vehicle in cases where improper use of the car occurs, as outlined below:

  • Violation of significant traffic regulations, including disregarding STOP signs, running RED traffic lights, exceeding speed limits, driving against road directions, making illegal U-turns, unlawfully overtaking other vehicles, or crossing double lines.

  • The car driver is under the influence of alcohol or any substance that impairs their ability to operate the vehicle.

  • Operation of the vehicle on unauthorized roads, non-asphalt surfaces, dirt roads, or off-road terrains (e.g., Balos).

  • Driving the vehicle by any individual who is disqualified from holding a driver's license appropriate for that vehicle or has never possessed a valid driver's license, or is not listed as an authorized driver in the rental agreement.

  • Operating the vehicle beyond the rental period or any agreed-upon extension of that duration.

  • Engaging the vehicle in any races, speed tests, rallies, contests, or using the vehicle for commercial purposes, such as a taxi or courier service.

  • Usage of an incorrect type of fuel


Reservations are made according to the vehicle category and not for a specific model. In case of non-availability of a vehicle in the category selected by the customer, the company reserves the right to provide the customer with a car of a larger category free of charge.


The minimum age is 23 years old and the maximum age is 75 years old.


A valid driving license issued at least one year before the start date of the rental is required.


The police tickets and fines of the Road Traffic Code are paid by the renter.


The renter is required to provide a credit card as collateral for the rental, even if the payment is made in cash.


The cancellation of the reservation must be made at least forty eight (48) hours before the scheduled date and start time of the rental of the vehicle, (always according to the exact reservation time), as it was done in the company reservation system.

The following charges will apply to booking cancellations:

In case of cancellation notice received by the company at least forty eight (48) hours before the scheduled start of vehicle rental, any amount paid in advance will be refunded. In case the payment has been made by card (credit or debit), the refund of the respective amount may take up to 21 working  days depending on the partner bank of the card you used during your booking.


Customer surcharge 25 €


The additional driver is free of charge.


The charge for a child seat is set at 4 €/day at the request of the customer and the availability of the company.


The renter must return the car with the same amount of fuel as received. In case of return of the car with less fuel than the original ( the amount of fuel that the customer received the vehicle) the customer is charged with the difference in fuel. No compensation is provided to the customer if the car is returned with more fuel than received.


In the case of an accident the driver must inform the company, the police as well as the insurance company to record the incident.

The driver must present to the company the road ticket registered by the police or the insurance company of the accident.


CDW - Exemption from damage caused:

The renter is completely exempt from liability for any damage to the car:

• over 600 € + VAT if he accepts and signs the relevant terms of the company contract for categories  B, C, C2, D, DD, DSW, GM, GM3.

• over 700 € + VAT if he accepts and signs the relevant terms of the company contract for the categories G2, K, FFL.

• over € 800 + VAT if he accepts and signs the relevant terms of the company contract for the categories F7A, F7D, FFD, K2F, L2, G2X

• over 1200 € + VAT if he accepts and signs the relevant terms of the company contract for the categories  FD, JL.

Necessary condition for the release from liability, the damage is not proven to be due to a violation of the Traffic Code.

FDW - Full exemption from payment of damage caused

The renter is completely released from liability for any damage to the car if he accepts and signs the relevant terms of the company contract and pays the amount of:

• 10 € in addition to CDW, for each day of rental for categories  B, C, C2, D, DD, DSW, GM3.GM,

• 15 € in addition to CDW, for each day of rent for the categories K,K2F,G2,F7D,G2X,L2,FD,F7AJL,J1

Damage to the fabric roof cover (hood) of convertible cars is not covered and will be paid in full by the customer.

WUG: Tire cover and crystal break:

The renter is completely liable  for any damage caused to the car tires, windows or underneath the car.



The company's cars are covered 24 hours by road assistance. The contact details of the roadside assistance are stated in the lease agreement.

In case it is deemed necessary to replace the vehicle, up to 24 hours are required. If it is proven that the replacement of the vehicle is not deemed necessary in the end, then the lessee will be charged with the transportation costs.


The transport and driving of the car outside the borders of the Greek Territory is prohibited. Exceptionally and only after written permission of the company and with the payment of the respective amount that will be set by the company is allowed to drive the car abroad.


It is forbidden to transport the car by ship


In case of loss of the key, the customer is charged with his cost as well as with the transfer of the key to the tenant.

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